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Interview mit Apelzin.ru

Inna vom Online-Magazin Apelzin aus Russland hat uns ein paar Fragen gestellt, wir haben geantwortet:


First of all thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Could you please tell me a little bit about yourself and the band.
Marv: I am Marv, I’m playing the bass-guitar.
Archi: Hello, I‘m Archi – the vocalist and guitarist of „Auf Bewährung“. Our drummer is Flo and the other guitarist is Maddin. We are from Rostock in Northern-Germany and play Streetpunk since 2006.

What’s the origin of name of band?
A: The meaning of our name is „on probation“. It sounds cool, hard and a little bit dangerous. That’s it!

What inspires you to do what you do?
M: We recognize how many things in our society are going wrong and we see so many people who are part of this shit, without complaining. Opening their eyes is an aim for what it’s worth to fight. Our music is one way that helps us to stay optimistic.

What bands have influenced on your sound the most?
A: Well, that’s a hard question. At the beginning bands like Slime, Terrorgruppe, WIZO, Dritte Wahl lead the way for us. Later the sound of Skinheadbands like Loikaemie, Broilers and Volxsturm influenced almost everyone of us. Our music is now a strange mix of all that.

Do you have a favorite song you have ever written? Why?
M: „In dieser Zeit“. It’s powerful, melodic and has real good lyrics with a quickly understandable message.
A: I wrote this song in the shower. :D

Which songs do you perform most frequently?
A: Since we have only one album we play almost all the songs from it and some new stuff.

What you can say about first full-length album „STURMWARNUNG“? Are you satisfied?
M: Indeed, we‘re satisfied! The Producer did a good job and of course we did a good one, too, when recording it. In our opinion the songs from the album sound very professional. The positive feedback from friends and fans says their own words :) Certainly there are some points that could have been done better, but that’s the way it is…
A: Well we recorded it a year ago. A lot of things changed in and around the band and I‘m excited when we are recording our second album… maybe in 2011.

What are your songs about? Can you describe music of „Auf Bewährung“ by some words?
M: The songs are about life generally, especially nowadays. But we concentrate on themes like the punk-scene and its attitude, police-influence, society-criticism. We try to connect those texts with some nice melodies to make it listenable.
A: I wrote some new stuff since „Sturmwarnung“. It will be more personal and maybe a little less angry. We will see…

On your songs you sing a lot about the problems of society.
Do you consider yourself as a political band?

A: I‘m a very political person. For me music is a tool, to explain that’s something big is going wrong in this society.
M: In our band there are different opinions about politics. We all agree, as you said, in society-issues and we‘re all strictly antifascist. That’s the most important point for us. But everyone has different ideas how those problems could be solved. Parts of our band are more radical than others. But it’s a good mix.

Tell me about relationships of people to antifa and neo-nazi musical bands in Germany?
A: We‘re supporting antifascist movements with our music, play concerts for the antifascist action and so on. I can‘t understand how apolitical bands can play concerts with right-winged bands. Even some apolitical people visit concerts of nazis and go to antifascist concerts the next day. That’s a paradox… I can‘t understand it.

What means the word «patriotism» for you?
M: Patriotism leads to fascism! Do i have to say more? We stand for a free, tolerant and non-profit- society, that accepts every human and every culture, without thinking being better than others. Patriotism is a product of nations. Maybe the question should be what we think about nations in general, but than we could philosophize about that for much longer…

What’s the best place you have ever played a show at, and why?
M: That’s hard! I really don‘t know. We are often very surprised because of the amazing people visiting our concerts and the ones who organize such events. We once had a concert at a bachelor parting. There were not many visitors, but those who were there had so much fun and really made our show special.
A: I think small shows are the best, it’s a familiar feeling and that is, what it’s all about.

What are you listening in free time?
M: I’m listening to classical german “revolutionary”-music, like Dritte Wahl, Daily Terror, Slime, TonSteineScherben, Die Toten Hosen. But also bands like Broilers, Mutabor, DDP and Rock-legends, for example Dire Straits, CCR, Pink Floyd.
A: In my cd-player there is hardcore-punk like Guerilla, Rejected Youth, Riot Brigade and Ashers and I‘m a great fan of skinhead-bands like Volxsturm, Loikaemie, Stomper 98 and Broilers. AND the album of my friends „Feine Sahne Fischfilet“ is good stuff.

What’s the coolest thing that has ever happened with you and your band?
A: I think every show is something special. For me it’s great to know, that some people drive lots of hours to see our concerts, that makes me proud.
M: For me the coolest thing will happen in december, when we play a show with Toxpack and COR.

What do you know about Russia?
M: Nice place. Definitely a hard history, like germany, too. But i think there do exist more real poor people in russia than in germany, even if both countries have a lot of problems.
A: I like the great antifascist scene. I heard a lot about russian RASH and SHARP movement, they are doing a good job. Of course the murder of Ivan K. was a big issue in Germany, too. In our hearts we‘re with him and every russian antifascist, keep the fight!

I heard something about relationship between «Auf Bewährung» and Russian «Nichego Horoshego»… (Talk about it, how did you met «Nichego Horoshego»)
A: Well, a russian friend of mine gave me some songs and lyrics of them and I liked it from the first second, so I got in touch with them via MySpace and vKontakte. We developed a great friendship and want to record a split-cd next year.

What is main goal of «Auf Bewährung“?
M: To make music for our scene, to change the switch in peoples heads from conformity to thinking independent.
A: We‘re fighting for individuality and freedom and against fascism and capitalism!

How do you promote your band and shows?
A: The internet is a big help for me to set up shows, get in touch with fans and venues. But most of the work happens „on the street“ by talking to people, selling records and so on.

What do you think about word «freedom»?
M: Freedom should be the most important goal of humanity. The paradox there is the fact that often exploiting- and oppression-politic is made of those who stand for freedom. Especially neo-liberalism is a good example for it. Maybe neo-liberalism makes people free, but only those who have the money to „buy“ their freedom. All people should have the chance to live free and that freedom should not depend on their capital, how they look like or where they come from. Nothing else to say.

What do you have planned for the future?
M: We want to make a trip to russia within the next year. Together with Nichego Horoshego we will play some concerts, so russian fans can watch and listen to us, too. The whole band is very exited…
A: As I said, we plan to record new songs in 2011 and play as many shows as possible.

What advice would you give to fellow bands?
A: Go your way! Don‘t follow worn-paths, do your thing and keep playing, even if it’s hard.

Any last words?
M: Thank you for the interview and we‘ll see in russia!
A: I want to thank everyone who supports us in Russia, I got so many mails at vKontakte, where people tell me, how much they like our music, that makes me happy. Thank you!

Russian Antifascists keep the fight

Ein Lied, welches sich in unsere Herzen und Seelen gespielt hat. Grüße gehen raus an unsere russischen Freunde!